Embark on a transformational travel experience on beautiful Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

As an InanItah Fire Season Volunteer, we welcome you to join in and live in a conscious community. Participate in daily yoga, meditation and co-create the weekly ceremonial cacao celebration. Join or lead classes in our open space that support personal and planetary transformation, healing, awakening, simple living and selfless service such as tantra breathwork, family constellation, acro yoga, aerial arts, pole dancing, food as medicine, crypto-currency, alternative economies, spiritual activism, song circles, massager circles, conscious communication, and skills. We also offer the opportunity to learn and practice natural building and organic gardening, as well as permaculture and eco-village building principles.

Your volunteer time will include supporting the ongoing building and gardening projects, service work with the local community, administrative support, food preservation, and preparation, as well as maintaining and beautifying communal spaces. We will always do our best to create the opportunity for you to grow in your areas of interest. During your stay as a volunteer at InanItah, we encourage you to participate in workshops and activities as students, support staff and/or assistant instructors.

Volunteering at InanItah is an opportunity to contribute and to support various aspects of the InanItah vision. Read more about the InanItah vision and values that you will be supporting.

Apply to Volunteer

  • Contribute $450 per month and 15 hours per week towards maintaining the community and special volunteer projects
  • Make a 1 month minimum commitment
  • Volunteers are eligible for 25% scholarships on workshops. Scholarship spots limited.
  • Stay in one of our quaint outdoor campsites. Bring your own camping gear.
    Or upgraded your accommodation:  
    • Tent rental with comfortable mattresses $45/month
    • Dormitory beds $5/night. Please inquire for availability
    • Private cabins $12 – 16/night. Please inquire for availability
  • Hold your spot in the program with a $75 Paypal deposit.
  • In order to maintain a cohesive vibration and a feeling of inclusion, everyone is asked to participate two times each week in community contributions which might include picking a salad, co-creating a meal or supporting general clean-up.