The Tantric Way Series

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10 January 2021  -  30 January 2021

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

At InanItah Fire Season

$1,550 Regular Tuition
$1,350 Early Registration for the first 6 spots
A $400 non-refundable deposit holds your spot
Cost of housing and meals  from $25-41/night

The Tantric Way Series combines timeless tantric wisdom and modern tools to support personal and spiritual development. The process is an intimate and powerful journey of body, heart and soul level work designed to create transformational shifts in awareness, awaken life force energy and clear the path to love and freedom. 

You will transform your relationship with life by learning to cultivate authentic intimacy with yourself,  your romantic and sexual partners, within groups and ultimately with the collective. In The Tantric Way Series, we create a container of trust in which you feel safe to express your authentic self, empowering you to strip off conditioned layers and reveal the essence of who you are.

By activating the essential self, you will liberate more life force energy. With this newly found spring of energy, you are empowered to release and purify emotional baggage stored in the body, shift self-limiting beliefs and awaken intuition and inner guidance. Thus build the self-confidence needed to live your authentic self. And, open to the magic of consciously manifesting your life.

As a result of activating a purifying your life force energies and increasing self-awareness, you will have the tools to realize the intention of tantra. To weave the individual self with the universal self. Stepping into true freedom; a moment-to-moment way of being. 

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InanItah is an earth-based spiritual community and living and learning center co-founded by Gaia Ma. Located on the magical Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. For more information about InanItah visit the website. 





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