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$1,555 Full Price*
$1,335 Students*
$995 Central American Residents*

At InanItah, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

InanItah’s upcoming Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 20 day hands-on and internationally recognised training experience in permaculture design principles and practices. The course will be held at InanItah, a 22-Acre Permaculture Site and transformational living and learning center on the beautiful Isla de Ometepe, an Island of twin volcanoes on Lake Nicaragua.

This course expands on the standard PDC by integrating an exploration of our relationship with ourselves and our communities. The course intertwines the teaching of a traditional Permaculture Design Certification with an experience in Transformational Community Living.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in empowering themselves to take an active role in building a regenerative future. This included anyone with a focus in agriculture, architecture, ecology, gardening, landscaping, education, as well as personal and community development. No prior permaculture experience is necessary.


Permaculture Design Certification: We teach a 72 hour certified PDC curriculum course with a special emphasis on forest gardening in the tropics. The techniques you learn transfer directly to any climate. Students will receive resources and plant lists for many climates as part of the course content. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.
You will learn::
• Principles and Ethics of Permaculture Design
• Site analysis and design, from the tropics to temperate regions
• Landscape master planning and microclimate design
• Reading the landscape and pattern recognition
• Design for climate change
• Regenerative Land Management and Stewardship
• Water catchment, storage, filtration, and distribution
• Biologically based treatment of greywater and blackwater
• Using greywater in the landscape
• Natural building techniques and vernacular architecture
• Plant propagation and grafting
• Organic horticulture
• Medicinal plant propagation, usage and preparations
• Biointensive gardening and seed saving
• Soil rehabilitation and fertility strategies
• Myco-forestry and myco-filtration
• Orchard design and maintenance
• Renewable energies and biofuels
• Local and Regenerative economics
• Urban and suburban permaculture strategies
• Ecovillage design and community building strategies
• Networking within the permaculture community and beyond

Transformational Community Living: InanItah is renowned as a hub for healing as well as personal and collective transformation. During our time together we will incorporate yoga, meditation, medicinal foods, communication skills practices, ceremonies, sharing circles and other practices and perspectives for maintaining a healthy and balanced human environment. You will learn about The Tantra of Permaculture, which integrate maps and design principles from Permaculture and Tantra and applies them to the human landscape of mind, body, spirit and community. .
You will experience and learn about:

• Community Wisdom Circles2016-07-04 10.32.17
• Hosting Community Sharing Circles
• C
onscious Co-creation
• R
elationship Skills Development
• C
ommunity Building and Group Facilitation
• F
ertility Magic
• S
acred Geometry
• E
• C
eremony and Community Rituals
• S
ilent and Dynamic Meditations
• Y
oga & Embodiment Practices
• D
ance & Celebration




Chris Shanks

chris shanks 2Chris has been practicing Permaculture design for over 16 years. His ‘journeyman’ years were spent apprenticing and working on farms from Spain to Central America to the west coast of the United States. Chris designed, built and planted his primary project over 13 years ago, Project Bona Fide located on Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua. Chris has worked and consulted in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the USA, Thailand, the Bahamas, Hawai’i and the USVI. Chris has taught over 30 full Permaculture Design Courses, runs his own consulting firm called Living Systems Solutions is a businessman and strong proponent of interweaving Permaculture design into development and entrepreneurship. His work in horticulture, seed saving, ‘living seed banks’ and education have brought awareness as well as concrete solutions to thousands.


Gaia Ma

16805113_10208259333750749_881099257_o-e1487908220170-768x563Gaia is the co-founder and director of InanItah, and the internationally recognised creator and facilitator of the Tantric Way Series; a deeply transformative workshop series that empowers individuals to step into their full power by breaking through self limiting patterns and beliefs. Gaia is a pioneer in the evolution of community based living and learning centers. For the past 14 years, her work has focused on the intersection of spiritual and ecological consciousness. She has co-created, lived in, and consulted for various eco-spirit community projects in Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the United States. During this course Gaia will present parts of curriculum for the Tantra of Permaculture: Connecting Inner and outer Landscapes, in which an understanding of the wild within and without can be organically linked.




All fees include 19 nights accommodation, tuition, food (3 delicious vegetarian/vegan meals per day), materials & additional workshops (yoga, cacao fire dance etc).

There are 3 options for accommodation, you can opt to stay in a shared cabin/dorm, to camp on our grounds and bring your own tent, or to camp and rent a tent from us here at InanItah.

Mexican and Central American citizens will receive additional discounts to the cost of their course.



LOCAL CITIZENS (You must have a Central American or Mexican Passport to qualify) *

*Prices include a campsite. You are welcome to bring your own gear.
The following options are available for a surcharge.
Private Cabins,  $228 – $304
Dormitory, $100
Camping with rented gear, $45 


Registration Details


Hold your spot in the course by sending a $200 deposit via paypal to Use the registration for to the right to receive a direct link.
If you have any questions or enquiries, please direct them to



The course begins with an intensive introduction to the principles, philosophy, and ethics of permaculture design: what is permaculture, how it is applied, and the main design and thought paradigms used. Course participants will be introduced to InanItah as a teaching and demonstration tool, as well as farm facilities.

The next several days will be dedicated to specific aspects of permaculture design, including Water Systems, Energy Use and Efficiency, Natural Building, and (especially) Agroforestry.
These days include lectures, onsite examples, and hands on experience putting all of the information into context. Several hours in the afternoon are dedicated to workshops and more intensive work projects on the farm.

The end of the course brings everyone together in a final group design project that is presented on the final day of the course.

A typical course day looks like:

6:00 – 7:00 Morning Meditation
7:30 – 8:30 Yoga
8:30 – 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 – 10:00 Community projects
10:00 -11:15 Class time
11:30 – 13:00 Class time
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch and free time to relax, read, study, etc.
14:30 – 16:00 Class time (often out in the field)
16:00 – 18:00 Work projects and/or workshops
18:30 – 20:00 Dinner Break
20:00 – 21:30 Evening session on some nights (lecture, slideshow, movie)

The course spans 19 nights and 20 days, and includes a some free time to relax or explore the island about halfway through the course.


At InanItah, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn from the solutions we are modelling. On site their are 10 hand sculpted cobb and waddle and cobb timber framed natural buildings , plus 2 traditional Nicaraguan natural buildings. In daily life at InanItah we operate community living using;

• Gravity fed spring water system serving InanItah and 23 surrounding farms
• Solar photovoltaic energy system
• Solar food dehydration
• Efficient woodstoves
• Compost heated warm showers and solar heated hot tub!
• Agro-Forestry and mini Orchards
• Large Organic Garden with perennial and annual vegetables and herbs
• Farm to Table Locally sourced medicinal meals
• Educational programming in healing arts to create opportunities for right livelihood
• Microloan and employment programs for local residents
• A non-profit educational and social services organization
• Meaningful livelihood for our members and co-creators
• Transformational and transparency circles
• Regular structure of community meetings
• Multiple decision making models
• An international family of ecovillage enthusiasts
• Food culture rooted in local food recipes
• A culture of meditation and ceremonies
• Multiple self development and transformational curriculums and programs
• Sacred geometry and sacred art
• A tradition of celebrations

This is a participatory and experiential event. In addition to demonstrations, classroom time, discussions, media experiences, celebrations and rituals, we will take a practical hands-on approach to the curriculum. Yoga, Tantra, and dynamic meditations will be offered on weekdays. Everyone will also have a role in supporting the community through meal preparation, clean-up and general chores on the land. There will be also be time set aside for relaxation and exploring the beauty of Isla de Ometepe.


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