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$ 2850

At Kali Land & InanItah Fire Season
Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

••• 2 WEEK TRAINING IN ECO-SPIRIT COMMUNITY START-UP & DEVELOPMENT •••2 Week Eco-Spirit Community Start-up & Development Training

Want to start your Off-Grid Community ?
Dream about starting and Eco-Spirit Village ?
Passionate about creating a better future ?
Ready to Take Action & Turn your Vision into Reality ?
Then this 2-week training is for you  !

At Kali Land, On Isla de Ometepe Nicaragua. Kali Land is an Eco-Spirit Community Startup designed for Artists and Social Creatives which make a 

More about Kali Land
Gaia Ma Founded Kali Land...
Join us for an exploration of what an Eco-Spirit Community is, and what it takes to start one. Explore the steps, success factors, and common pitfalls in the process of creating community, and leave with skills, tools, and resources to turn your vision into reality.
An immersive learning journey into the life and design of Eco-Spirit Communities, one of them is Kali Land.
This is a unique journey into the life and design of Ecovillages, based on research and examples from communities around the world, and drawing on the experience of Gaia Ma, co-founder of InanItah and leader in the field.
The methodology for this course is both down to earth and practical as well as theoretical. Be prepared to ........ innovative, powerful, .......The intention is to empower you to co-create the community you want.

Come prepared to learn and engage deeply in participatory processes, innovative methodologies, and a taste of some tools used by Eco-Villages.
• Introduction to Kali Land as a Platform for Whole Systems community Design
• Whole System community Design Theory
• Key decisions for Ecovillage Founders
• Type 1 Errors
• How to get Started ? What are your resources ?
• From idea to community: Exploring roadmaps & milestones
• Leadership Ways - How to lead (Primal Leadership)
• Governance Structure
• The Dance of Power, Responsibility & Accountability
• Legal & Economics Models
• Decision-making – balancing power and responsibility
• Creating Culture
• Fostering Communication Skills
• Food
• Building
• Appropriate Technologies
• Conflict Resolution
• Cultivating Consciousness with Members
• Arts, Parties, Honoring Individuals
• Farm tour
• Hikes through stunning nature
• Morning yoga
• Sharing circles
• Community meals
• Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance
Investment: US$ 3000
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