Eco-Spirit Communities

Eco-Spirit Communities are inspired by the universal longing for peace and passion. They are built on a shared set of utopian values, such as ecological regeneration, universal abundance, interpersonal harmony, and personal excellence. This Utopian lifestyle vision urges us in toward the heart-centered compassionate pursuit of beneficially impacting our inner and outer realities. As we work to Utopia we open toward a better and brighter humanity.

Utopia is the pursuit of Heaven on Earth with the understanding that we will encounter Hell along the way!

Gaia Ma


A consciously created, earth-based spiritual community and transformational living and learning center inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness. Our vision is to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness and create space for individual and collective transformation.

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Kali Land

Kali Land is an Eco-Creatives Community focused on developing a culture of transformation through creative and entrepreneurial arts. We are located on the slopes of the Maderas Volcano on the paradise island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua offering long term investment and collaboration opportunities.

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