Community Leader Apprenticeship

••• 2 WEEK TRAINING IN COMMUNITY START-UP & DEVELOPMENT ••• ••• 6 MONTHS PROGRAM LEADER APPRENTICESHIP ••• A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY  Operate and Expand the Mission of a consciously created Earth-based Spiritual Community and Transformational Living & Learning Center inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness.   VISION • Inspire Spiritual & Environmental Consciousness •

Community Start-up & Design Training

••• 2 WEEK TRAINING IN ECO-SPIRIT COMMUNITY START-UP & DEVELOPMENT •••2 Week Eco-Spirit Community Start-up & Development Training ••• 6 MONTHS PROGRAM LEADER APPRENTICESHIP ••• A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Want to start your Off-Grid Community ?Dream about starting and Eco-Spirit Village ?Passionate about creating a better future ?Ready to Take Action & Turn your Vision into