The Tantric Opening

The Tantric Opening is an introduction to The Tantric Way Series, a carefully designed and spontaneous process of transformation and awakening. Learn tools to transform your relationship with life by cultivating intimacy with yourself, deepen intimacy with romantic and sexual partners and create intimacy among co-creators and peers. Intimacy creates a container of trust in which

Community Leader Apprenticeship

••• 2 WEEK TRAINING IN COMMUNITY START-UP & DEVELOPMENT ••• ••• 6 MONTHS PROGRAM LEADER APPRENTICESHIP ••• A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY  Operate and Expand the Mission of a consciously created Earth-based Spiritual Community and Transformational Living & Learning Center inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness.   VISION • Inspire Spiritual & Environmental Consciousness •

Community Start-up & Design

••• 2 WEEK TRAINING IN ECO-SPIRIT COMMUNITY START-UP & DEVELOPMENT •••2 Week Eco-Spirit Community Start-up & Development Training ••• 6 MONTHS PROGRAM LEADER APPRENTICESHIP ••• A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Want to start your Off-Grid Community ?Dream about starting and Eco-Spirit Village ?Passionate about creating a better future ?Ready to Take Action & Turn your Vision into

Ecstatic Dance Rites: New Year Ritual of Evolution

To make a cash payment contact  Issues with registration process? Contact Early Registration by December 28, 2018 $65.00 USDRegular Registration $75.00 USD Tantric Breathwork • Ecstatic Dance • Rites of Passage • Herbal Elixers • Archetypal Theater Magic This is a New Years ritual offering designed to guide you to breath in and