Transformational Facilitator Skills Training

In this 5 day introductory training you are invited to practice tools for working with people from a place of clarity, trust and intuition.

You will develop skills to recognize and meet people just where they are at. A foundational principle of this work is that we can only dive as deep with others as we are willing to go with ourselves.

Our work together will be based in eastern, western, modern and ancient systems of body, mind & spirit integration. And, will include tools from The Tantric Way Series.

Together we will explore…

  • Counseling Skill
  • Theories of Systemic Constellations & Psychodrama
  • Body language & body types
  • Healing power of ecstatic states
  • Conscious Sexuality
  • Emotional & Trauma Release
  • Breath-work
  • Embodied Meditation Techniques such as OSHO Meditations and Dance Movement Therapies
  • Integrated Eastern & Western Theories of Body, Mind
  • Public Speaking


mahadevi ashramInanItah is an earth based spiritual community

The Ashram was created as a safe and powerful containerfor transformation, providing beneficial surroundings and a sacred atmosphere to explore the Inner Workings of Existence through the Fire of Transformation known as The Great Goddess.

The Ashram’s eco-friendly enchanting environment of bamboo and earth architecture is set in a lush jungly garden overlooking the Mayan heartland of Lake Atitlan (or “Grandma Atitlan”) is an ideal high-vibrational location to dive deep into matters of Spirit and Truth.


Registration by personal approval. Please contact gaiagasm [@] or use the registration form to the right to apply. For further details, please contact .

Permaculture Design Certification

InanItah’s upcoming Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 20 day hands-on and internationally recognized training experience in permaculture design principles and practices. The course will be held at InanItah, a 22-Acre Permaculture Site and transformational living and learning center. InanItah is located on the beautiful Isla de Ometepe, an Island of twin volcanoes on Lake Nicaragua. For more information about InanItah visit the website.

This course expands on the standard PDC by integrating an exploration of our relationship with ourselves and our communities. The course intertwines the teaching of a traditional Permaculture Design Certification with an experience in Transformational Community Living.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in empowering themselves to take an active role in building a regenerative future. This included anyone with a focus in agriculture, architecture, ecology, gardening, landscaping, education, as well as personal and community development. No prior permaculture experience is necessary.


For further details and registration information, please visit the event page.

Posts & Media

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InanItah – Eco-Spirit community, Isla De OMETEPE

Taking Time Out!

IMG_9202A wise man once reminded me to

Relax….. Let Go….. and Enjoy!

Sometimes I need to trust in others to carry a bit of weight so that I can simply Be…..

….to touch the creator within

to let it breathe

to let it surf the waves of possibility.