Gaia Ma - Transformational Facilitator - Evolutionary Leader

Transformational Facilitator

Gaia embodies aliveness and presence. Gaia’s passion as a transformational facilitator is to serve the evolution of personal and planetary potential. Gaia creates opportunities for both inward and outward journeys of growth and learning.

Gaia is raw and fiery.  And, as a result, she inspires others to break through their conditioning, to find freedom and aliveness while living a meaningful life.

Personal Transformation

Gaia is best known for her transparent and genuine approach. Gaia’s authenticity permits her to bring both keen perception and loving presence to her work. 

Gaia is the founder of The Tantric Way Process, a world-renowned personal and spiritual development process. Most notably, The Tantric Way Series, a three-week process of healing and awakening. 

In The Tantric Way process, Gaia creates a safe and intimate environment. The process shatters programmed patterns of the body mind and supports people to step into love and freedom. It’s been said that Gaia “Holds Space Like a Mother #^@%*!”

Gaia also created the Transformational Facilitator Training. Professional training for people interested in holding space for others. The training teaches the skills and attitudes needed to support people to heal and grow.

Planetary Transformation

Gaia is the co-founder of InanItah, an earth-based spiritual community on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. InanItah is a tropical paradise. An intentional community where co-creators, visitors, and volunteers come together to care for the earth and for one another.

As the director of the InanItah Fire Season, Gaia shares her dedication to regenerative living. During the InanItah Fires Season, Gaia organizes and assists in teaching Permaculture Desing Certification courses alongside expert permaculture designers. 

Gaia also founded The Ometepe Development Fund.  A non-profit organization that supports programs for food security, economic development, and land preservation.

Experience & Education

Gaia skillfully combines extensive training and over 30 years of experience. Blending modalities such as Tantra, Yoga, Psychology, Systemic Constellation, Breathwork, Dance and Movement Therapy, and Trauma Healing. As well as her diverse life experience as a community founder, entrepreneur, dancer, lover, natural builder and permaculture designer.

Gaia has degrees in both Gender and Sexuality Studies and Economics from New York University. As well as certifications in Skydancing Tantra, Shamanic Healing, OSHO Therapy, Yoga Teaching, and Permaculture Design.