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01 August 2020  -  15 February 2021

Community Leader Apprenticeship

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

At InanItah Fire Season & Kali Land

Participate in a 2 Week Training in Community Start-up & Development. Be individually mentored in a hands on experience of operating and Expanding a consciously created Earth-based Spiritual Community and Transformational Living & Learning Center inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness.

01 August 2020  -  14 August 2020

Community Start-up & Design Training

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

At Kali Land

Want to starts your Off-Grid Community ?
Dreaming about starting an Eco-Spirit Village ?
Passionate about creating a better future ?
Ready to take Action & Turn your Vision into Reality ?
Then This 2 Week Training is for You !

06 September 2020  -  26 September 2020

The Tantric Way Series

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

At InanItah Fire Season

The Tantric Way Series is an intimate and powerful journey of body, heart and soul level work designed to awaken your life force energy and clear the path to love and freedom. The Tantric Way Series combines timeless tantric wisdom and modern tools to support personal and spiritual development.

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About Gaia

Gaia is a leader in the field of personal and planetary transformation. Her passion is to serve the evolution of personal and planetary potential. She creates opportunities for both inward and outward journeys of healing, growth, and learning.

Gaia embodies aliveness and presence. Her raw and fiery nature inspires others to break through their conditioning, to find freedom and aliveness while living a meaningful life.

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