Gaia Ma - Transformational Coach & Inanitah OmetepeGaia is best described as raw, authentic and fiery. Her life’s passion is to serve the evolution of individual and collective potential. Gaia embodies aliveness and presence, inspiring others to break through conditioning to find freedom, while living a life of ethical selfless service.

Gaia skillfully integrates training in modalities such as Tantra, Yoga, Psychology, Systemic Constellation, Breath Therapy, and Trauma Healing, with her diverse life experience as an intentional community founder, mobile entrepreneur, dancer, lover,  natural builder and permaculturalist.

In her work as a personal transformational facilitator, Gaia has developed multiple curriculums for personal transformation, most notably The Tantric Way Series, a three week intensive process of healing, transformation, and awakening. Gaia is renowned for her keen perception and presence as a transformational group process leader.

In her works as a planetary transformational facilitator, Gaia is the co-founder of InanItah, an impactful earth based spirituality on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua where she shares her passion for playful irreverence and persistent dedication during the InanItah Fire Season annually from August 15 – February 15. Gaia is currently developing Calli, an intercultural Ecovillage project also on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua.

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